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Multiple Applications - One Integrated System

More than just trade-only auctions, our suite of web applications and mobile apps provide an integrated approach. A combination of wholesale and retail elements to help you acquire the vehicles you need and turn over your inventory faster and with more profit.

Trade Listings Trade Listings

Trade Listings

In addition to standard auction listings, our system offers the flexibility of more auction types such as blind bid auctions, and 'buy it now' type listings. If you prefer to sell to only those you already know and trust, you can create private listings which are broadcast only within your own network of approved buyers.

Aged Inventory Marketplace Aged Inventory Marketplace

Aged Inventory Marketplace

If you are looking for something specific have a look at the Aged Inventory Marketplace where you will find aged units belonging to our trade users. Simply register your interest in what you like and we notify the owner to encourage them to list that vehicle.

Private Party Leads Private Party Leads

Access to Private Party Leads

You can find all of your private party leads within your CarTradeBids dashboard. Manage your offers on both private party adn trade listings from one easy to use web application.

Inventory Management Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Feed, import or manually enter your inventory into CarTradeBids and have it automatically included in the Aged Inventory Marketplace and on our national and regional retail sales websites for no additional cost.

Keeping your inventory fresh is essential to your bottom line.

The rate in which you move inventory (be it retail or wholesale) is one of the most critical factors relating to the profitability of your dealership. However, equally as important is how you can fill each space with your next profitable unit when obtaining fresh stock can be an expensive and often risky process.

The CarTradeBids system offers a platform where you can address both of these issues from a single login and in an environment which is affordable and assists with removing much of the risk in trading with previously unknown businesses.

Multiple Applications - One Integrated System

Selling Wholesale and Retail

  • Sell your vehicles to trade professionals with our flexible auction type listings
  • Free inclusion of your inventory on our national and regional retail sales websites.
  • Use our Aged Inventory Marketplace to generate interest in your aged inventory without having to list each vehicle.

Replenishing Stock from Multiple Sources

  • Acquire fresh inventory from our affordable trade only auction listings.
  • Access to private party leads allowing you direct access to members of the public looking to sell their vehicles.
  • Register your interest in units before they are even listed by browsing our Aged Inventory Marketplace.
Feedback Requested

Feedback Requested on Every Transaction

It is important you know who you are trading with and that each user is held accountable. We request feedback on every transaction on our system so that you can see at a glance which dealers have the best business practices.

Trade Users Fully Verified

We verify that every user on the CarTradeBids system is a legitimate trade professional.

No Restrictions on Functionality for Independent Dealers

All of our system functionality is available to both independent and franchise dealers no matter the size.

Affordable Solutions for Dealers of All Sizes

Entry level access to the system is only £99+VAT per year (talk to us to see if you qualify for your first year of access free of charge) and it comes with many benefits. Our flexible pricing provides both PAYG and subscription options to work within your budget.

Fixed Cost Escrow Service

Low Fixed Cost Escrow Service Available

For a low fixed cost per transaction, you can enjoy the security of an escrow service which also offers mediation services should the buyer and seller not see eye to eye. Protecting both the buyer and the seller, this easy to use process makes trading with unknown users more secure.

Listening to Dealers

We want to provide solutions not just software and we beleive that what we offer should address actual business issues. We listen to what dealers have to say and identify where we can help.

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